IBU Level 1 Coaching Course - Toscha Stopar

Published Mon 20 May 2024

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Dear Biathlon Family Australia,

Toscha Stopar has been an active Biathlon Australia coach for over 15 years and during that time has supported all levels of athlete from grass roots introductory programs using laser rifles to World Cup athletes and Youth Olympians. She was the coach of our first (of 15) Youth Winter Olympians when she coached Lachlan Porter in Innsbruck, Austria at WYOG 2012. Most recently she was an Australian coach for the AUS team at the 2024 Biathlon Youth and Junior World Championships (YJWCHs) from 23 February to 2 March 2024 in Otepää, Estonia.

Toscha recently attended the first week of the IBU first level coaching course in Hochfilzen, Austria from 2-8th May 2024. Twenty-one different nations are represented in this group. Some former World Cup athletes, IBU Cup athletes and former YJWCH medallists. The IBU educators were from AUT, CZE, ITA & GER.

The first 3 days were spent deep diving into intermediate skiing technique. Breaking down techniques and working on drills to support the components from introductory to advanced skills. Toscha reported the practical work was excellent with all participants leading games and drills for the rest of the group. This was followed by workshops with the IBU educators.

The next 3 days turned to shooting focusing on setup and techniques for precise shooting. Again a deep dive into all aspects of the components of prone and standing shooting theory. Participants worked in breakout groups discussing and then workshops and leading training under the watchful eyes of the IBU educators. Presentations from Fortner, Fisher, Toko and the BIU were also very informative.

Toscha highlighted "There was also time for chatting and networking with the other participants. It was really nice to sit on the grass outside the hotel chatting, stretching, sharing chocolate, enjoying the sun and of course the view of the mountains".

Toscha reflected “many things around training and technique were confirmed for me and some great new ideas to try in training. Some shooting and dry land drills I have already put into practice at Melbourne International Shooting Centre (MISC) training. I am now finishing the online learning components in readiness for the exam at the end of May. Week 2 will be held in Pokljuka SLO in October 2024".

Biathlon Australia appreciates the support of the IBU Academy in providing our coaches these education opportunities:

  • Lucy Glanville, OLY (IBU Level 2 coach course underway, IBU Level 1 certified)
  • Damon Morton (IBU Level 2 coach course selected, IBU Level 1 certified)
  • Toscha Stopar (IBU Level 1 coach course underway)
  • Julia Smusz (IBU Basic coach course certified)
  • Dyllan Harmer (IBU Basic coach course complete, 30 hours practical underway)

We look forward to seeing all our coaches back on the range soon.

David, Sandy, Murray, Brett, Tristan, Mark, Libby and Katerina

Toscha (far right) at the IBU Level 1 coaching course. Photo credit #IBUAcademy


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