Dyllan Harmer returns from IBU Basic Level Coaching Course

Published Mon 20 May 2024

Biathlon Australia

Biathlon Australia LogoDyllan Harmer returns from IBU Basic Level Coaching Course

Dear Biathlon Family Australia,

Dyllan Harmer reports that the IBU Level 0 Coaching Course, organized by the IBU Academy, provided a thorough introduction to biathlon basics over five days. Held in Salzburg, Austria, and Ruhpolding, Germany, coaches refined their skills in teaching shooting and roller skiing techniques.

Using a variety of methods such as lectures, group discussions, and interactive activities, the course created an environment conducive to skill development and practical learning. Coaches underwent extensive training through innovative approaches like simulated shooting drills and roller skiing exercises, tailored for real-world coaching situations.

Active participation was strongly encouraged, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and exploration among coaches. Feedback sessions, led by experienced mentors and former athletes, offered valuable opportunities for self-assessment, establishing a supportive and dynamic learning atmosphere.

Assessment methods, including interactive shooting challenges, roller skiing competitions, and simulated coaching scenarios, effectively gauged coaches' grasp of biathlon fundamentals. Constructive feedback from mentors and peers fuelled continuous development and improvement, promoting a culture of excellence in coaching.

In conclusion, the Level 0 Coaching Course by the IBU Academy played a pivotal role in empowering new and aspiring coaches to effectively guide newcomers, children, and young individuals through the intricacies of biathlon.

Dyllan Harmer, follows Julia Smusz, as the first Australians to complete the IBU Coach Education Basic Course which includes 60 approved biathlon specific training hours and 30 practical hours (within the IBU Coaching framework). For more information on the course recently completed by Dyllan, see IBU Academy Basic Course 2024: A Return to Foundational Training and Coaching.

We look forward to seeing Dyllan back on the range with us this season.

David, Sandy, Murray, Brett, Tristan, Mark, Libby and Katerina


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